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    Josh G

    If you’ve experienced a bug, here are some steps for how to report it. Issues may pop up from time to time, but it something has happened more than once it could be a bug. When reporting here in the forum, answering the following questions in your comment will help us in identifying and hopefully fixing the issue. 

    1. How many times did you experience the issue? 

    2. What device were you using? (laptop, iPhone, etc)

    3. If on computer, what browser? (Firefox, Chrome, etc)

    4.Any additional details, or short description of what you were doing when you encountered the issue. 

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    Deleted User

    It isn’t so much of a bug. After finalizing my bio it removes the spacing between paragraphs when viewing my profile. Also, if you want to just drop down a line it auto gives a double space when doing my show history. Is there a way to just go to next line? Do I need to type in
    ? The whole site is looking great and running smooth for the most part. This is on my laptop on chrome. Thank you for all the hard work.

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      Deleted User

      One more thing I would like but isn’t a necessary. A description area for the images in albums. Separate from the comments preferably, please. 😉

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      Josh G

      Ok, Fixed the biography issue. The description for images is going to be a tougher one and might take a while. The developers that made this platform didn’t add it. 

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    Not sure if bug report or just a suggestion, but I think it would be good to specify image sizes that will successfully upload in the forums. I noticed pics wouldn’t upload from my iPhone, so tried on my laptop (using Firefox) and still wouldn’t work. Made them smaller (under 2mb) and then they worked as long as I let each one finish uploading before adding the next. Might be good to have some instructions on the forum page or nearby so people don’t get frustrated troubleshooting it. 

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      Josh G

      Hi Samantha. I think 1mb and below is a safe size to go with. I am going to work on an FAQ page that will have all this info. 

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    Chet Zar

    Hi Josh- as Michael and Samantha have said, this isn’t really a bug but I did just notice when somebody sends you a PM the text is a kind of dark blue so it’s hard to read the text unless you highlight it with your mouse. Not a big deal but something I thought I should mention. I’m in a Mac using Safari. Thanks.

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      Josh G

      Hey Chet, all fixed 🙂

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    Hi Josh, a couple of things I’ve noticed using the site. First of all, when I touch/mouseover a post it highlights it by changing the background colour to white, which makes it hard to read the grey text. Secondly, the ‘add image’ option doesn’t seem to appear for me when making a comment.

    This happens when using Chrome on both Windows 10 and IOS.

    Thank you for all your hard work on the site, I’m keen to move over here from Facebook.

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      Seconding this – using Brave as a browser from Windows 8. It also mainly (for me) seems to be affecting forum posts..the Getting Started Thread is fine for me.

      Additionally, when posting this, I noticed the only icon I can see is the “add emoji” one, but if I hover my mouse over the rest of the bar, the format and add a photo button comes up.

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        Josh G

        Thanks will work on getting this fixed. Cheers.

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          Hi Josh

          Have just noticed that the options for photos, gifs and text options *are* there, but they are in a blue that’s almost identical to the dark grey background 😂 for some reason, only the emoji icon is in the light grey, so I’m guessing it’s a css issue somewhere.

          Thanks for all the great work!


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      Josh G

      Thanks, will look into this. I agree, it’s very distracting.

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