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    I thought I would continue a thread that was started ( I can’t remember by which Artist,) before the site was renovated. The previous thread was centered around Museum finds/inspiration. I’ll start the thread by sharing my recent “inspirational finds” while at the Houston Museum of Art, I was fortunate enough to see a work by none other than Hieronymus Bosch. I was surprised to see not only his work,, but others of similar notoriety scattered about on the walls; I felt, and still do, as though someone of such an iconic style should have a wall to himself. I was humbled and honored to be able to see such a fantastic piece of work at such on odd timing. I spent the better part of an hour studying this specific piece, and felt as though the more I looked, the deeper I delved into his world and imagination. What has been your most distinguishing “inspirational” piece of Artwork you’ve been fortunate enough to see at a Museum or Art event?

Viewing 1 of 1 replies

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