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    Though I would get this going

    Just finished this one as a trial, I think I will try again.

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    Ry Pepper

    Oh wow that is awesome. The fingernails!! The stitching! What a fantastic piece. 

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    “Long Face” doping out ideas for the next show I have lined up (and a class potentially…)

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    Glazing layers started. 

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    First layer almost done. Oil on 24”x4” wood panel

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      Love this piece, such a cool and long canvas lol! Great use of it, awesome work!

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    (Still figuring this forum out, and for some reason couldn’t upload pics from my phone which was annoying, but I think I got it to work from my laptop).  This weekend I’m mainly just recovering from getting my wisdom teeth out on friday (which luckily I got to keep the teeth), but I’ve also been having a lot of fun with hotcasting glass.

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    Brad Gray


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    Dan Fisher

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    Dan Fisher

    New start

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    Hey there everyone.  Just working on an ink drawing between other works.

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    Jase Daniels

    site didn’t like the photos I was trying to upload from my phone so I swiped this one from my facebook: Biomechanical vehicle with pilot. Zbrush sculpture

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    Carl Ingram

    Was planning to do a couple of 8x10s this weekend but got off to slow start. 1 mostly finished will have to do! 

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    Ry Pepper

    Was away over the weekend so didn’t have a chance to post until now. Excited about my current WIP… just wish I had time to work on it! 

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    Marnie Pitts

    I got a little bit done Saturday before my horrible medication kicked in and took me out for two days. Good to see you all here 

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    Marnie Pitts

    I got a little bit done Saturday before my horrible medication kicked in and took me out for two days. Good to see you all here 

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    Marnie Pitts

    Ok trying this one more time as my image didn’t upload with my last post.  It’s under 2mb so think it is good to go.

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    It snowed on Thanksgiving so I was a homebody for a few days. Got a few more layers complete on this one. Maybe one more session but I starting to feel like I over working it.


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    Revisiting an old work for WIP Sunday

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    Carl Ingram

    Still using those acrylic backgrounds I painted a few weeks back. This one is a gouache angel (with imitation gold leaf halo) and now I’m glazing oils over it. 

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      This is stunning! Im curious though, does the gouache not lift while doing the oil glazing on top? 

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    Well it doesn’t want to let me post the animation/video I’ve been working on so here’s a selfie with a necklace I just finished (making a bunch more before the 14th hopefully bc I have an art market coming up). Bronze and leather, lost wax and hand sewn. 

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    Gotta shake the Facebook addiction and start posting on here instead, especially since the dark color theme is much easier on my eyes 🙌. My current project’s, both done with acrylics. 

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      REALLY digging this piece! Reminds me of a “Tarot Card” feel 🤘

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    I got nothing

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    Deleted User

    Wip “Food for Thoughts.” My first attempt at a under lit light source. 

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    Ryan Case

    Chupacabra finished and started a reaper 

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    Derek Moore

    That’s awesome

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    Derek Moore

    Here is a painting I’m working on in oil…it’s 36″ across on wood panel. I’m not quite done blocking in all the hands…

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    Here is this week’s progress.

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    On to something new, my mobile work station so I can still be sociable and be in the lounge, well in body anyway!

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    It ain’t Sunday,  nor WIP, but I finished two pieces. 

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      Derek Moore

      Those are really cool. I dig those. 

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    Derek Moore

    Here’s an update of that big painting I’m working on: 

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    These two are in the making. 

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    Dan Fisher

    Adding some light spackling for the background. There is plastic covering the figure

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    Here is this week’s progress. I didn’t get back into the studio earlier in the week, for some reason I haven’t been sleeping well and just really exhausted. Besides that I am really enjoying revisiting these unfinished works and taking them through to completion. I have some DIY bathroom renovation today and tomorrow but once that is complete I can dedicate more time to the studio. 

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    Porcelain skulls just out of the kiln and ready for reconstruction. Always exciting opening the kiln….or maybe scary. 

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    Back to this one……

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    Today’s WIP, busy filming yesterday so chilling out with some oils

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    Not necessarily a WIP but something to kickstart my imagination. Digital rough in Zenbrush. 

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    Practice piece WIP for this week. Let’s get this site active no need to keep making ZuckerCensorBot more money. 🙂


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    Just a couple of digital sketches this week.

    Did some minor work on my other paintings that are in progress but it was nothing noticeable.

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    </div><div>Still doing a bit more on this when I get the chance. Glazing is starting to put some more depth in, but I’m still not happy with the tonal balance.</div><div>

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    10/11/20 WIP Sunday! Zenbrush sketches experimenting with different templates.

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