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    Following Chet’s podcast with Gio I think I have to get a quest 2. I have been using a paver for some time but I really need to try out Adobe medium, and I don’t think there’s anything of this standard available on that platform.

    So what do I need, A quest 2 obviously, and I have a few quite high spec pc’s and laptops if I need to tether.

    Do I need the official link cable to us medium?

    Can I use an ‘Amazon’ link cable…..much cheaper?

    If I am tethering does the memory size of the quest mater? Is the extra memory worth the £100 extra?

    Does anyone use a aftermarket head band, face seal etc?

    Thanks, look forward to all your comments

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    Should have read PSVR not paver! Predictive text or just incompetent typing.

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 replies

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