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    I really love the website and facebook page. They pool our resources together and give us a a sense of community. I am aware of many more artists than before and events I didn’t know existed around the world. This is very beneficial to our community but I see limited growth unless we can make these resources available to the general public in some fashion. We need to inform the general public of our mission and clear up misconceptions of what we represent. I believe that 80% of the site should be kept members only but we should open up some to gain interest and inform non members. I think we could benefit from making profiles public optional, show announcements and a movement mission statement. This is totally my opinion and I have no say really. I just wanted to hear thoughts on the subject. You kinda have a ceiling on growth behind closed doors. What do you think we can do to maximize our outreach and gain recognition as a movement?

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    I think that makes sense. I wonder if making the forums (or parts of them?) viewable to the public but not usable without membership would be helpful. 

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 replies

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