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    Chet Zar

    Hopefully this is the right place to do this.

    Next week it’s artist Erik Gist!

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    Josh Clark

    That’s awesome! Erik is one of my all time favorite artists and greatly admire his work! I really want to paint like he does!

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      Chet Zar

      Me too! It’s a great one. Just posted it.

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    Derek Moore

    Hey I figured since this thread is about guests, I’ll throw in some recommendations for next year. I would like you to talk with Peter Gric, Dale Keogh, Mariusz Lewandowski, Mark Riddick, Nick Keller, Adam Burke, Dan Seagrave, Terra Dehart, Tim Khabirov, Aaron Horkey, Luke.Ink (I don’t know his last name), Adrian Baxter, & Hyphaea. I can link all their instagrams too, but I figure it is easy enough to find them if you are interested. 

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    I would always like to hear from Wayne Barlowe, Guillermo del Toro, and Clive Barker but I know they would be difficult to invite. Even if you have past guests who are willing to return and go into more detail that would be cool as well. I liked when you had the podcast at the Dark Art Society opening at Copro so I wonder if it would be possible to have that at other venues or openings at Copro. 

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    Ash Darq

    I’m jumping on the bandwagon of requests… I also vote for Peter Gric. I have to insist on Krousky, a french dude who lives in Berlin, super epic dark photographer..he has a crazy backstory, was a professional official photographer for NOFX at one stage (and other famous bands) and now mostly does dark surrealist photography. He puts on a crazy party night called Apocalipstik which is like theatrical, hellish and held in a sex club in Berlin. Also the official photographer for Kit Kat, a sex club in Berlin. He is SICK!!! Check out his photography I think you will 100% be into it! Love Ash

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    I would love to see either Vince Locke, or Junji Ito at some point! 😀

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    Can’t wait for the interview with Erik Gist! I think it would be cool to hear from Peter Mohrbacher! His work is FILLED Dark attributes, and his imagination and skill is INCREDIBLE!

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    I’d love to see Agostino Arrivabene and/or Santiago Caruso, but I’m not sure if either of them speak English…

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      Chet Zar

      I’ll have to look into Agostino but I would love to have Santiago on. Im not sure about his English either, though. Guess I could ask him!

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    Chet Zar

    No podcast this week (I’m finishing paintings for 2 shows due to be completed Friday) but I have a really good guest scheduled for next week: Wes Benscoter!!!!!

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    Allen Williams and Thomas Ascott would be my top interests. Thomas isn’t super dark but he’s been in COPRO twice now. He’s more on the cute side of dark art if anything.

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      Chet Zar

      Yeah, I have been meaning to get Allan on forever now. I’m not sure I know Thomas’s work. ill look it up. im sure I have seen it

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    Deleted User

    I have just come across a fellow named Greg Simkins. Terrific work. I think he falls under what might have been called “low brow art”.

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    Frank Dooley and John Cebollero

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    I’ve always thought Phil Hale and Justin Mortimer would be terrific guests. Also, I know it’s been mentioned more than once and probably already on your list, but Wayne Barlowe!

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    Kae Britton

    Adding my two cents but podcast guests I would love to hear are Camille Rose Garcia, Al Columbia, Dave Cooper, Aaron Horkey, and David Altmejd!

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