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Zaki Saati

Well, like Chet was saying on the podcast. It’s really just calling it something, in order to talk about it and frame it for an audience that is maybe unfamiliar with such a genre. The rest of the “output” created by the artists, well they are just making art that appeal to them, and incidentally… It is dark, sometimes very dark! And to the artist, it is interesting work and he keeps doing that. And an old grandma passes by that painting, and says “oh my, dear, why paint such dark grim images?!” So I guess the label comes from people’s reaction to certain images.

And if they are making Dark art only to fit within the Dark Art genre to get views and likes, then I don’t think that kind of pursuit is worth having, but it’s a free world and people do what they like. It’s a bit like those modern artist painting squares, knowing that people in turtle necks will gobble that up and then make millions off of it.