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Getting Started

Welcome to the new Dark Art Society Community homepage. This new community will hopefully be a great place to hang out, and be an alternative for some for other social media platforms.

This new website has some great features, and this quick video should hopefully get you started.

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  1. Christopher Meyer

    Hey Josh. Well done thus far. Just an aside regarding the Dore image above. If you want a good laugh or enjoy wry ass humor, Dave Sim as a running comic title called Cerebus in Hell, in which he uses a wide variety of Dore images with his famed aardvark Cerebus and his sword doing various odd things. Each issue is a #1 with a parody art cover, but the guts are really clever and well done, and now I always think of Cerebus when I see Dore.

  2. Chris Hackard

    Great work on the site Josh. It’s definitely motivated me in a big way. Thanks.

  3. Andrew Hawkins

    Thanks again for all this 🤘🤘

  4. Tabitha Lahr

    This is so cool, thank you for doing this!

  5. Brett


  6. Jason Ventura

    Dark Art movement and all those that follow it is a honor and pleasure to serve your imaginations.

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