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    10/11/20 WIP Sunday! Zenbrush sketches experimenting with different templates.

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    Just a couple of digital sketches this week.

    Did some minor work on my other paintings that are in progress but it was nothing noticeable.

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    Practice piece WIP for this week. Let’s get this site active no need to keep making ZuckerCensorBot more money. 🙂


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    Not necessarily a WIP but something to kickstart my imagination. Digital rough in Zenbrush. 

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    Here is this week’s progress. I didn’t get back into the studio earlier in the week, for some reason I haven’t been sleeping well and just really exhausted. Besides that I am really enjoying revisiting these unfinished works and taking them through to completion. I have some DIY bathroom renovation today and tomorrow but once that is complete I can dedicate more time to the studio. 

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    I would always like to hear from Wayne Barlowe, Guillermo del Toro, and Clive Barker but I know they would be difficult to invite. Even if you have past guests who are willing to return and go into more detail that would be cool as well. I liked when you had the podcast at the Dark Art Society opening at Copro so I wonder if it would be possible to have that at other venues or openings at Copro. 

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    Here is this week’s progress.

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    Revisiting an old work for WIP Sunday

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    It snowed on Thanksgiving so I was a homebody for a few days. Got a few more layers complete on this one. Maybe one more session but I starting to feel like I over working it.


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    Glazing layers started. 

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