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Michael Cunliffe



Michael Cunliffe is a British artist and illustrator who grew up on a diet of comics, monster movies, and paperback fantasy and sci-fi novels.  Going on to gain a degree in Illustration from Falmouth College of arts, his work has been used in games, genre fiction, and music festivals.   Now living in the North East of England with his wife, children, and aged cat, he creates dark artworks in oils and digital paint, and works to help others explore the relationship between their creativity and mental health.

I am deeply interested in the in-between spaces that art can occupy, being able to portray both reality and dreams, and be perceived as both flat object and three dimensional image.  As an artist, I also feel I am in a liminal space, balancing automatic and pareidolia-based techniques to uncover imagery that is then rendered with an illustrator’s attention to constructed narrative.  On top of these contrasting and interconnected focuses, is the absurdity of trying to think too deeply, and a desire to embrace the joy of painting creepy things, just because I can.