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Pasadena, CA



Hi everyone!  My name is Rick Kitagawa, and I’m someone who loves helping others build change.  (I know, I know, a bit weird for a member of a Dark Art Society, but keep going with it..there’s monsters throughout!).

I’ve struggled (and still struggle) with impostor syndrome, and I know how hard it is to deal with it, so I’ve built a coaching practice called Kaiju Coaching that focuses on wrangling those inner monsters that hold you back from being the person you were meant to be.  

I’ve been a part of both amazing, generous communities, as well as toxic, cut-throat organizations.  This has led me to focus on trust and how it underpins every aspect of organizational health, so I co-founded Spotlight Trust to empower leaders and organizations to reap the personal and financial rewards of being more trusted.  

Besides the work I do in the coaching and consulting space, I  create monsters of my own.  I design and sculpt art toysportraits that mix abstraction and figurative paintings, and write both short horror fiction as well as a podcast that mixes all of the above into one amalgamation called the Inner Monster Podcast.  

Thanks for stopping by and it’s great to meet you!