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    Well it doesn’t want to let me post the animation/video I’ve been working on so here’s a selfie with a necklace I just finished (making a bunch more before the 14th hopefully bc I have an art market coming up). Bronze and leather, lost wax and hand sewn. 

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    Not sure if bug report or just a suggestion, but I think it would be good to specify image sizes that will successfully upload in the forums. I noticed pics wouldn’t upload from my iPhone, so tried on my laptop (using Firefox) and still wouldn’t work. Made them smaller (under 2mb) and then they worked as long as I let each one finish uploading before adding the next. Might be good to have some instructions on the forum page or nearby so people don’t get frustrated troubleshooting it. 

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    (Still figuring this forum out, and for some reason couldn’t upload pics from my phone which was annoying, but I think I got it to work from my laptop).  This weekend I’m mainly just recovering from getting my wisdom teeth out on friday (which luckily I got to keep the teeth), but I’ve also been having a lot of fun with hotcasting glass.

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