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Adding extras to sold art and prints.

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  1. Ryan Case

    This is awesome. I always try and keep a “junk drawer” of friends business cards, stickers, little weird fun toys, and other random oddness to pack with any original order i send out. Many of the orders get sketches i’ve got laying around too. For print orders, since i don’t normally have them on hand, and order them drop shipped from an outside company, I try and send some extra 5×7 prints that I don’t have on my website. I know how i feel when I get freebies and extra goodies in an order. It’s super important to treat your clients to some surprises. It really can help determine if they will be just a repeat customer or a rabid fan who can’t get enough.

  2. Ryan Case

    This post also makes me want to save up for a piece from Lara Dann. She’s so amazing and her art has such a rad multi layered ethereal magick to it.

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